LOL Surprise company has said that they pledge to make toys biodegradable 7 months ago

LOL Surprise company has said that they pledge to make toys biodegradable

Some good news for parents and the planet.

LOL Surprise toys burst onto the market a few years ago and have remained one of the must have toys every Christmas since.

The tiny dolls and their accessories are a lot of fun for kids but they also unfortunately generate a lot of waste.

This waste is one of the reasons that I've avoided buying them for my children. Every toy in each set comes in separate packageding and while I get it as the whole point is that each item is a surprise it's still so much wasted plastic.

With tonnes of plastic already polluting the environment none of us want to add to it but that can be difficult to explain to small children who just want the exciting looking toy that's why this news from the LOL toy makers is absolutely fantastic.

via Toy World Mag

According to Toy World Mag MGA Entertainment is taking steps to reduce waste created by the popular range of LOL Surprise toys.

MGA Entertainment’s CEO Isaac Larian recently told CNN Business his plans to make LOL Surprise more environmentally friendly;

"We are working on a brand-new biodegradable plastic for 2020. Soon all of MGA products and packaging will be recyclable.

We all must do our part to save this beautiful planet for the next generation. It costs a few pennies more to do this. But it’s worth it."


As a parent I'm delighted to hear this as so many toys marketed at children are made from non recyclable or non biodegradable materials meaning that when they break they will inevitably end up in landfill.

MGA has already taken steps towards improving sustainability.

The company introduced an initiative in partnership with recycling company TerraCycle to cut down on the waste that comes from the packaging of the toys but they hope to extend this further next year by making the toys themselves biodegradable.