It looks like Desperate Housewives might be about to get a 2022 reboot 1 year ago

It looks like Desperate Housewives might be about to get a 2022 reboot

Please make it happen.

If you, like me, spent years following the ups and downs of the glamourous housewives on Wisteria Lane, you might be just as excited as I was at the news that 2022 *might* just be the year when we get to see a reboot of Desperate Housewives.

Ten years have passed since we last caught up with Brie, Gabrielle, Susan, Lynette and Edie when the last episode aired in May 2012, – and boy, would it be amazing to get to see what the gals are up to now.

Fans of the show have been begging for a reboot for years, but the reason rumours are swirling now is that the producers of the show recently dropped a pretty big hint something is in the works...

Just look at this tweet from the official ABC Desperate Housewives account. Dropping a pretty massive hint, producers wrote, "*Desperately* waiting for 2022," alongside a photo of the show's lead cast members including Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher.

Ahem – can you please clarify what this means, ABC?

But while the network has remained tight-lipped since the now-viral tweet, fans of the show certainly seem to think a revival could be on the cards.


Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote,

"If this gets a reboot I'll never complain about anything EVER AGAIN." Another one added, "This is the only reboot that the world actually needs".

Oh, and to add fuel to the fire, it seems actress Eva Longoria, who played Gabrielle Solis on the show, recently spoke about the possibility of a show revival, telling the Radio Times back in October last year:

"I feel like he [series creator Marc Cherry] just felt like it’s run its course, but I always talk to Marc.

"I was actually talking to him the other day and we both just think there’s so much more to do there and I would be the first to sign up if he did anything."

Well, I don't know about you, but I think this is just the kind of thing that can really brighten things up for 2022, no?