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03rd Nov 2018

Emmerdale’s Chas and Paddy face more baby heartache in coming weeks

Jade Hayden

They buried their baby daughter last week.

Looks like the heartache isn’t over for Emmerdale‘s Paddy and Chas as the couple are set for more upset over the coming weeks.

The pair said goodbye to their baby daughter, Grace, last week through a funeral that had the support of the entire village.

Grace passed away soon after her she was born due to a rare birth defect that meant her kidneys didn’t develop properly.

Chas and Paddy decided that they wanted to keep Grace rather than opt for a termination so they could spend whatever time they had with her.

And understandably, the heartbreak isn’t over for the couple as the events of the past few weeks continue to drive cracks into their relationship.

Paddy, feeling intense amounts of guilt for not reacting how he thinks he should in the wake of his daughter’s death, decides to go back to work.

Chas tells him that she doesn’t think he’s ready, but he goes away, eventually leading to a cat dying under his watch at the surgery.

He breaks down, bursting into tears and ultimately igniting worry in Rhona who offers some comforting words.

It doesn’t work though, and Paddy continues to bottle up his feelings, not letting Chas in and continuing to push her away.

She begins to worry that the death of their daughter is going to affect their relationship more than previously anticipated.

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm.