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10th Feb 2023

Girl who emptied piggy bank for charity wins millions in lottery


It was her first time entering the lottery.

Karma came back around in the best way possible for a Canadian teenager who as a kid helped the victims of an earthquake by emptying her piggy bank.

She won a $48 million (£29.7m) lotto jackpot in Canada – with the first ticket she ever bought.

Juliette Lamour was just five years old when she and her sister Sophie emptied the contents of their shared piggy bank for a branch of the Canadian Red Cross, which had set up a table to help raise money for Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake that claimed 220,000 lives.

The sisters handed over $61.38 and Juliette went about her days with no idea what good fortune would come her way 13 years later.

Earlier this month, Juliette, now 18, was revealed as the winner of Canada’s Gold Ball draw.

She is the youngest ever Canadian to win the prize.

Juliette had been on her way to take her grandfather for some ice cream when she decided to buy her first-ever lottery ticket.

Juliette said: “I called him on the phone asking what kind of ice cream he wanted. And he said to me: ‘You just turned 18, go buy a lotto ticket, test your luck.’ So I did.

“I got to the corner store and I’m in my car — and I didn’t know how to buy it. So I had to call my dad. I said: ‘Dad, Grandpa wants me to buy a ticket. How do I do it?’ He’s like: ‘Oh, just go inside and get a QuickPick’.”

And she won big.

Juliette called her mum first: “She answered the phone and I was like: ‘I won the lottery!’ She’s like: ‘No you didn’t!’ ”

She plans to continue with her four-year university program.

“You just turned 18, go buy a lotto ticket, test your luck”

She also hopes to attend the Northern Ontario School of Medicine before coming back to practice in Northern Ontario.

“Once school is done, my family and I will pick a continent and start exploring,” she was quoted as saying by BBC shortly after her win.

“I want to experience different countries, study their history and culture, try their food, and listen to their language.”

Juliette’s dad, financial advisor Kevin, is sure to help his daughter make the right choices, though it seems the money is in the right hands.