Lottie Ryan defends decision to share photos of her son on social media 6 days ago

Lottie Ryan defends decision to share photos of her son on social media

"I’m not posting inappropriate photos"

Lottie Ryan has defended her decision to share photos of her son Wolf online. Deciding to share photos of your child online is a personal decision. Some parents refuse to post anything about their children online, but others have no problem with it. Many parents meet in the middle and will share photos of their kids, but hide their faces from the camera.

Lottie Ryan says she feels comfortable sharing photos of her little boy, but understands why some parents don't.

Speaking on her new parenting podcast with Jennifer Zamparelli, Lottie defended her decision.

"I’m not posting inappropriate photos. They are not pictures of Wolf in a nappy or in the bath or doing something that I think one day when he’s 18, he’s going to look back at this moment and go ‘Mum, what the hell did you do?’”

"I think I have a perimeter as to what I put up, in terms of how I portray him," she explained.

The mum said she will have no issues if her son wants to be hidden from her Instagram in the future.


She said, "Then I would categorically respect that and I won’t post pictures of him."


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