Love Island fans in tears over what Andrew said during baby challenge 6 months ago

Love Island fans in tears over what Andrew said during baby challenge

Andrew won over viewers during last night's episode.

Last night's episode of Love Island saw the islanders get a feel for parenthood.

The infamous baby challenge returned and there were some pretty sweet moments amongst the screeching and crying.

Dami and Indiyah may have won the challenge, but Andrew and Tasha were our winners.

The boys were left to look after the babies when the girls headed out for a well-deserved brunch.

During the episode, Andrew was seen showing the doll where Tasha told everyone about her cochlear implant.

The reality star explained how her implant is a "superpower".

"Your mum told me about her superpower, her superpower being that she has an implant which makes her be able to hear, which is very, very special.


He added, "Very, very brave. And she, with this implant, can hear..."

The sweet moment left viewers in tears.

One tweeted, "Andrew telling the baby that Tasha's superpower is her cochlear implant and how brave she is made me cry many tears."

Another added, "I never expected to say something positive about Andrew but I got emotional when he took the baby doll to the firepit because that's where he first learned about Tasha's disability."

"Andrew describing Tasha's implant to the baby doll has actually just made me tear up. What a truly lovely man," another said.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media 2 at 9 pm tonight.