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19th Jul 2022

Love Island: Our girl Danica finally has some options

Sarah McKenna Barry

She may be a corporate queen, but she’s also wifey material.

After dealing with rejection after rejection, imagine our delight when Britain’s favourite project manager Danica Taylor found herself with not only one, but two potential suitors on last night’s Love Island.

The 21-year-old dancer was selected by Billy Brown in the last recoupling, and while things appeared to be going well between the two of them, she has also piqued the interest of Deji Adeniyi.

During the episode, Deji pulled Danica for a chat and let her know that not only was he interested in her, but that he is prepared to fight for her. He also, quite rightfully pointed out that people don’t give her the 100% she deserves.

We love to see it.

The moment also allowed Danica to use her charming, surprisingly corporate speak as she told him, “It has crossed my mind, thinking that there could be something that we could work on together.”

The next morning, she let the girls know that things are also progressing with Billy after he kissed her in bed.

This appeared to spur Deji on further, who pulled Danica for another chat, and told her that he realises he needs to make his presence known, which she respects.

He also described Danica as his “queen”, an apt title for the loveliest girl in the villa.

Breaking out in corporate speak again, she debriefed Summer and Indiyah, telling them that it would be unwise of her to “close doors” there.

Danica told them that she is happy to finally have options, and Indiyah agreed telling our girl that she owes it to herself to “play the field”.

In the beach hut, she said that she is keen to see how her relationship with Billy “grows and progresses”, and if it doesn’t, she wants to get to know Deji a bit better.

Indeed, we hope that whatever our project manager wants she gets, and we look forward to circling back and hearing her decision on this matter.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.