Love Island's Amy Hart shares postpartum symptom she never anticipated 3 months ago

Love Island's Amy Hart shares postpartum symptom she never anticipated

She gave birth in March.

Love Island's Amy Hart has shared some of her postpartum symptoms following the birth of her son, and one was something she never expected to happen.

The reality star welcomed her first child on March 3rd with her boyfriend Sam Rason, giving birth to a little boy named Stanley.

Amy has been very candid about becoming a mum and has shared one symptom of her life postpartum that she never expected to suffer from.

The 30-year-old took to her Instagram Story to share an update about how her last few weeks have gone.

Amy shared details of her post-birth recovery, saying in a video: "Update time, we’ll kick off with me.

“With me, all fine except I’ve been having heart palpitations,” the new mum admitted to her audience.

“Apparently this can be where your heart rate goes up when you’re pregnant. It just didn’t naturally come back down."

She then went into details about the precautions she has to take, continuing: "But I’ve been checked out and I’ve got an ECG this afternoon and then a blood test in two weeks."


“I’m not losing as much hair, I think a lot of it was me just shoving my hair up in a bun with my hands every day rather than brushing it. Mum life!

“Apart from that, I’m all good."

Following the announcement of his birth earlier this year, Amy took to Instagram once again to share her baby's name.

She wrote in a stunning post: "Stanley Samuel Giles Rason. Stanley: We loved the name and also Amy’s Grandad Geoffs middle name.

"Samuel: After @samuelrason obviously but also Amys brother is Samuel too! Giles: Nanny and Grandads last name, hopefully he’ll inherit their love of shots!"


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