Luca Bish's family defend islander after blow up with Gemma Owen 6 months ago

Luca Bish's family defend islander after blow up with Gemma Owen

Oh dear...

After last night's argument between Luca Bish and Gemma Owen on Love Island, his family has had to publically defend the islander.

During Tuesday's episode, the islanders took part in the Mile High-themed challenge, with the girls not holding in back as they were told to give a sexy performance for the boys dressed as cabin crew.

In the end, they pulled the boy of their choice into the "toilet" for a Mile High Club moment, but Luca was less than impressed with Gemma after her performance.

As she took her turn, the 19-year-old licked each of the boys claiming it was just a challenge, but that wasn't good enough for Luca.

After the challenge, Ekin-Su said to Gemma: “Was it me or was I seeing that Luca was being a bit weird? Like when you were doing your challenge?”

Gemma replied: “It’s really not that deep but if he’s gonna be p**** over it then he can do one.”

She eventually went to speak with Luca about it and it ended in him storming off to the front doors of the villa, despite claiming he wasn't "in a mood."


After some time apart, they aired out their differences on the terrace that evening, with Luca saying she “gave it the most” in the challenge out of all the girls and he wanted her to "behave better".

He then asked if Gemma even wanted to be with him at all, and she said "obviously."

While the two didn't seem to resolve their issues, they were interrupted by a sudden text to go to the fire pit for a dumping, and things were clearly still bitter between the two.

As fans of the show claimed his behaviour was jealous and controlling, Luca's sister Claudia took to his social media to defend her brother.

She wrote: “9/10 weeks of no contact with family. It’s a crazy intense environment where emotions are heightened. Learning to have disagreements and resolve them it is part of all successful relationships. Society preaches men not to bottle things up and to open up???”

“So proud of how vulnerable and in touch with his emotions he’s been. Nothing but real. First to admit if he’s being a little “f**k. But really don’t feel he’s done anything wrong here at all. Would do anything to hug him right now.”