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20th Jan 2022

Lynsey Bennett opens up about her eight year old’s worries for her

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Cervical cancer campaigner Lynsey Bennett has opened up about her daughter Hailee, saying the eight year old worries about her “so much”.

In a candid post, Lynsey spoke about her daughter’s worry for her as she has been sneaking into her bedroom every night as she fears what could happen to her mum.

Hailee was only three when her mum received the devastating diagnosis, and in the emotional Instagram post, she revealed just how sensitive her child is.

The 33 year old explained how her daughter’s fears started to grow when the mother of a pupil in school with her, and she then began coming into her room at night “crying saying she knows whose mummy died in school.”

Saying she “couldn’t explain the ache that went through me” as Hailee said she “didn’t want to just have a daddy”, it hit her hard.

She wrote: “I thought to myself there’s so many wonderful people in her life that have helped through the years, with minding her and keeping her safe through all the years of my hospital trips, check ups, appointments, stays… and there has been many.”

“Even with all the giving out, tidy your room and no you can’t play the PlayStation right now, you have to do you homework, hurry up, we’re late,” she added, noting that despite her 12 year old there to look after her, it was her mammy she wanted to stay.

She said: “All I felt I could say was none of us know when it’s our time to go to heaven, and that I can’t promise I’ll be here forever but that people thought that Mammy wouldn’t be here now, and that it’s amazing. So all I can promise you is that l’ll keep trying my best to try different things like Mexico and hopefully now Germany which she seemed happy [about], no more tears but still sneaking in my room now.”

Marking five years since her diagnosis, Lynsey gave an update to say she loves the German clinic where she is being treated and is happy that it hasn’t cost as much as she thought it would.