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01st Mar 2022

Lynsey Bennett shares health update after receiving “good news”

Kat O'Connor

Lynsey said her test results were hopeful.

Lynsey Bennett has shared a hopeful update with her followers.

The cervical cancer campaigner says she is feeling grateful after receiving some good news at the end of last week.

She revealed that she hasn’t posted lately because of everything going on in the world.

“As well as then I did have a heavy bled from my bowels yesterday with clots so no blood thinners for me again for a while,” she added.

The mum explained that her test results were very encouraging.

She said that her CA 125 tumor marks are at 25.3. Lynsey shared that anything under 35 is brilliant. It is also “a normal range for a healthy person”.

She continued, “My gratitude, mindset, energy machines, and helping my immune system gets boosted and everyone’s prayers and good intentions are working for me.”

The mum, who is currently being treated in Germany, hopes the treatment will one day be available in Ireland.

“How amazing would it be to get funding to set this up at home for people with all different issues and getting to boost their immune systems?

“Tempted to get a petition going,” she added.

The CervicalCheck campaigner traveled to Germany last month.

She said she has been so happy at the German clinic

“If I could bottle it up and carry it home I would. It is so quiet that it gives you so much time to sit and reflect on everything like the way you act, the way people act to you, your reaction to them.”

The mum said it also helps her practice gratitude.

She was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer in 2017.