Made In Chelsea's Tiffany Watson reveals she has suffered a miscarriage 11 months ago

Made In Chelsea's Tiffany Watson reveals she has suffered a miscarriage

"You do become very attached to the baby"

Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson has revealed she suffered a miscarriage.

During last night's episode, the reality star told her friend Olivia Bentley that she had a miscarriage.

She confirmed she lost her baby when she was in her eighth weeks of pregnancy.

Tiffany explained that although she is excited about her upcoming wedding, she has experienced a massive low recently.

"So basically at the end of last year, I found out I was pregnant, which came as a massive surprise because we weren’t trying or anything."

Tiffany continued, “It was a few weeks after we got engaged when we found out, which was such a shock.”

Olivia then said, “And then you lost it?”


She explained that she has only told her family and fiancé, but felt ready to open up to a friend about the heartache.

Tiffany said she wasn't trying for a baby, but the loss broke her heart. She shared, "You do become very attached to the baby. You’re mourning a loss of something. Something you never really had.”

Tiffany said she doesn't want anyone to fuss over her or feel sorry for her, but she wants to speak out about it.

She told viewers that she was suffering from bad morning sickness, but then it suddenly stopped.

Her doctor then did a scan and shared the bad news.

"The doctor asked how far along I was meant to be and I said I’m meant to be eight weeks. And you can just kind of tell straight away. He was like, no, what’s showing is small. It hasn’t grown."

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