Some major changes are being made to adoption laws tomorrow 3 years ago

Some major changes are being made to adoption laws tomorrow

From tomorrow onwards, a couple will no longer need to be married in order to adopt a child.

Anyone, gay or heterosexual, who has been living together for a minimum of three years will be able to adopt a child. Up until now, only married couples or individuals could qualify to adopt.

According to the Independent, Patricia Carey from the Adoption Authority of Ireland said;

“Three years for a couple living together, financially committing to each other is a good benchmark that people can apply.

“It only means they can apply to adopt – they have to get a rigorous assessment. It opens up new types of families and we’re really looking for parents for children, not children for parents.

“The best interests of the child are recognised as the most important consideration in any adoption application.”


The Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017 that was signed by Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone, will also allow for changes in relation to step-families where a non-biological parent wants to adopt a child. It is also intended to make for an easier process for a long-term foster family to adopt a child in their care.