Mamas! Win a €250 voucher and take the pinch out of that next shop 5 years ago

Mamas! Win a €250 voucher and take the pinch out of that next shop

Brought to you by Londis.

Yes please.

Dotted all over the nation, Londis stores pay great attention to their customers’ needs.

They’ve been using data to understand exactly what we need most and even on different days. You won’t find the exact same thing stocked on the shelf in each and every Londis because they cater exactly to what the locals want in each and every store nationwide.

Some of the stats they’ve gathered are very interesting indeed. Londis have found that shoppers in Tipperary buy the most scratch cards in Ireland (feeling very lucky, that bunch), Corkonians spend more on hair products than the rest of us, while in The Pale - smokey bacon flavour crisps are just flying off the shelves.

They know what the people want and they have it down to a ‘T’. And just when we thought they couldn’t cater to our needs any further, they announce they’re giving away a €250 shopping voucher to one lucky winner to spend at their local Londis, or whever they like really. Sound bunch!


What mama wouldn’t love to save a bit of dosh on the weekly shop, or treat herself more like?

To be in with a chance to win, simply fill out the form below.

Brought to you by Londis.