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14th Apr 2017

This is how many Easter eggs we consume in Ireland every year

Laura Holland

The figures have been totted up by the folks at Repak and it turns out that last year we ate 17.7 million Easter eggs.

Let that sink in for a moment, people. We eat almost EIGHTEEN MILLION Easter eggs.

What’s more, they expect that figure to rise this year.

Let’s break this down for you. There are 4.7million people living in Ireland, according to the latest Census, so that means roughly 3 and a half Easter eggs per person.

Not everyone is going to eat one so that would mean even more for some people.

Furthermore, 3 in 4 people will spend up to €40 on Easter eggs this weekend and 1 in 4 people say that they will be buying 8 Easter eggs in total this year.

The findings from the latest Repak survey also found that only half of people admit to properly recycling their Easter egg containers.

Repak are encouraging everyone to recycle this Easter.