This is how many teenagers suffer with problematic skin 4 years ago

This is how many teenagers suffer with problematic skin

We're not surprised by these findings.

Many of us suffered with acne and spots as teenagers - and many of us are still dealing with it now.

However, a new survey has found just how many people had bad skin as a teen... and how many felt they really suffered with it too.

The survey, conducted by French skincare brand Eau Thermale Avène found 70 percent were conscious of their skin as a teen and 62 percent said they suffered with dealing with the problem.

The most common teen skin faux-pas that appeared during the survey included plastering heavy foundation over problematic skin, sleeping in makeup and using the wrong products on skin conditions.


Of the people questioned, 60 percent said they didn’t have a skincare routine in place as a teen with 58 percent admitting they were doing well to remove their make up at night with a wipe.

As we all know, having a skincare routine is so important for keeping your skin in tip top shape, and will really help clear up skin in the future as well.

Avène has produced a skincare line for problem skin and blemishes if you want to check it out. It costs €30 and is available in pharmacies nationwide.