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21st Dec 2016

This Is How Many Units Of Alcohol Santa Will Consume On Christmas Eve

Alison Bough

It’s little wonder that Santa looks so round and jolly as new research has found that he will consume 5.7 million calories and a whopping 1.6 million units of booze this Christmas Eve in Ireland. Shur it’d be rude not to offer the man a drink when he’s working so hard.

Research from the folks at Deliveroo has revealed that around one million Irish households will leave out some treats and tipples for Old St. Nick on December 24th.

Two in three (64%) Irish people will take part in the annual tradition of leaving food and drink out for Santa Claus, meaning he will munch on over 430,000 biscuits and knock back around 1.6 million units of alcohol in this country alone. It’s a good job that his reinbeers…I mean reindeers…are in charge of the sleigh.

Irish families are so generous that it will take the man in red 6,333 hours of exercise, walking at 4mph, to burn off all the calories if he eats and drinks at every stop. In fact, experts say that Santa should consider leaving the Sleigh at home in favour of a bike; cycling would ‘only’ take 3,166 hours to burn off, if he set a pace between 10-12mph and assuming he weighs 21 stone.

But the bike may wobble a bit as by the time he reaches his 50th house in Ireland it is estimated that he will have consumed almost 50 units of alcohol. Merry indeed. If he manages to complete his deliveries and make it back home to the North Pole, it will take until November 29th 2017 for the all of the alcohol to wear off, leaving less than a month to prepare for his next Xmas trip. Now that’s a serious hangover.

Although the majority of Irish households will stick with tradition by leaving out biscuits and mince pies, about 7% of people go to the trouble of making Santa a bacon sambo to help fuel his long journey. Sounds like the big man could do with a stint on Operation Transformation in the New Year.

Let us know what you guys will be leaving out for Santa (or Santy if you’re from Cork).

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