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03rd Mar 2023

All of the new Netflix movies and shows arriving in March

Rory Cashin

Netflix has revealed its full slate of new movies and shows arriving in March.

Here it is, every new movie, show and documentary arriving on Netflix throughout the month of March for all of their subscribers in Ireland and the UK.


Cheat – Mar 1

Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor host this high-stakes quiz show where contestants can literally CHEAT their way to a fortune!

Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil – Mar 2

From 1987 to 2003, Michel Fourniret cemented his legacy as France’s most infamous murderer. But his wife was an enigma: Was she a pawn or a participant?

Sex/Life – Mar 2

The story of a love triangle between a woman, her husband, and her past that takes a provocative new look at female identity and desire.

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery: Season 2 – Mar 2

The second season of Framed starts where the first ended: Salvo and Valentino are in danger of life. Our two “heroes” find themselves, again, stuck and trapped in a series of events from which it is difficult to extricate themselves without hurting the feelings of the people they love.

Next In Fashion: Season 2 – Mar 3

Fashion designer and TV personality Tan France is joined by new co-host, A-list global superstar, supermodel and style icon Gigi Hadid. A group of up-and-coming, incredibly talented designers will compete for the chance to walk away with a prize of $200,000 and the chance to share their designs with the world.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared – Mar 8 

Set across seven countries, this gripping documentary series from RAW uses powerful archives to reconstruct the night of the Flight MH370 “vanished”, giving viewers the chance to explore three of the most contentious theories about the plane’s disappearance.

Outlast – Mar 10

A raw survival competition series where 16 lone wolves must outlast each other in the Alaskan wilderness in an attempt to win 1 million dollars. There is only one rule in this cut throat game: they must be a part of a team to win.

Ariyoshi Assists – Mar 14

Hiroiki Ariyoshi, one of the most famous and popular hosts in Japanese TV today, will assist 10 guest hosts, including artists and professional athletes, who will each host their own episode.

Shadow & Bone: Season 2 – Mar 16

Alina Starkov is on the run. A beacon of hope to some and a suspected traitor to others, she’s determined to bring down the Shadow Fold and save Ravka from ruin. But General Kirigan has returned to finish what he started.

Sky High: The Series – Mar 17

To remain independent of her father, who’s a stolen-goods trafficker, a newly widowed single mom joins her late husband’s gang of smash-and-grab thieves.

Dance 100 – Mar 17

Showcasing one hundred of the world’s best dancers, known as the Dance 100, the contestants must choreograph, teach and perform next-level group performances that will wow the judges, who, in a twist, are their own dancers.

The Kingdom: Season 2 – Mar 22

A political thriller series produced in Argentina, will return for a second and final season with an epic battle between evil and good.

Invisible City: Season 2 – Mar 22

After returning to life in sacred waters near Belém do Pará, Eric (Marco Pigossi) does everything to find his daughter, Luna (Manu Dieguez). And in that quest, he might discover her true nature.

Waco: American Apocalypse – Mar 22

This immersive three-part Netflix documentary series is the definitive account of what happened in Waco, Texas in 1993 when cult leader David Koresh faced off against the federal government in a bloody 51-day siege.

The Night Agent – Mar 23

A sophisticated, character-based, action-thriller centring on a low level FBI Agent who works in the basement of the White House, manning a phone that never rings… until the night that it does.

Wellmania – Mar 29

A woman is forced to change her way of life to improve her health and get on a wellness journey.

Unstable – Mar 30

Ellis Dragon is a universally admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur working to make the world a better place. He’s also in emotional free-fall. His son Jackson Dragon is… none of those things. Can Jackson save Ellis and his company and salvage their estranged relationship while also doing what may actually be impossible: escaping the shadow of his larger-than-life father?

The Law of the Jungle – Mar TBC

In the middle of the jungle, twelve people must work as a team, or sabotage each other for a cut of a jackpot. A fierce competition, both mentally and physically, where every player has their price – what’s yours?

Agent Elvis – Mar TBC

In the series, Elvis Presley trades in his white jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is covertly inducted into a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country he loves – all while holding down his day job as the King Of Rock And Roll.


Love At First Kiss – Mar 3

This movie tells the story of Javier (Álvaro Cervantes), who at the age of 16 kissed a girl for the first time and discovered that he had the gift of clairvoyance, at least love clairvoyance.

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage – Mar 5

Comedy icon Chris Rock will take the stage in Baltimore, Maryland for the first-ever Netflix live streamed global event, which will be available from 3am live in Ireland.

Faraway – Mar 8

Zeynep Altin is at the end of her rope: she’s overworked and underappreciated by her husband, daughter and ageing father, and to top it all off, the funeral home has just put her beloved deceased mother in a man’s suit instead of her favourite dress.

Luther: The Fallen Son – Mar 10

A gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther (Idris Elba) sits behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary.

Money Shot: The PornHub Story – Mar 15

As anti-trafficking organisations seek justice for victims, can the online giant protect those from whom they profit, or is this a new wave of censorship for adult performers making consensual porn?

Still Time – Mar 16

Dante has a beautiful relationship with his girlfriend Alice, but he has a bad one with Time: absorbed by the many commitments of his daily life, he always arrives late and has the impression that his life is flowing too quickly.

The Magician’s Elephant – Mar 17

When young Peter sets out to find his sister, his optimistic spirit guides him through an unexpected encounter with an elephant and three seemingly impossible tasks, also giving hope to his entire town along the way.

Noise – Mar 17

The film tells the story of Matt, an influencer and young parent to newborn Julius, who discovers a dark secret from his dementing father’s past.

We Lost Our Human – Mar 21

An epic interactive comedy adventure about two pets who wake up one day to discover that every human on Earth has disappeared.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King – Mar 31

In a world where magic is everything, Asta, a boy who was born with no magic, aims to become the “Wizard King,” to overcome adversity, prove his power, and keep his oath with his friends.

Kill Boksoon – Mar 31

At work, she’s a renowned assassin. At home, she’s a single mom to a teenage girl. Killing is easy. It’s parenting that’s the hard part.