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26th Oct 2022

Five maternity hospitals won’t provide abortions until 2023

Kat O'Connor

Activists are still fighting for better abortion services.

Five maternity hospitals in Ireland won’t provide abortion services until 2023.

According to The Independent, the HSE has apologised for the slow rollout of abortion services.

It claims the delays have been caused by “conscientious objection, recruitment, and infrastructure”.

Two hospitals are working with the HSE to introduce abortion services in 2023, but the public has slammed the slow rollout.

Four years have passed since we voted to repeal the 8th Amendment, but we still have a long way to go.

Those seeking an abortion in Ireland still have to follow the three-day mandatory waiting period. WHO has previously slammed the waiting period because there is no scientific reason for it.

If you want to terminate a pregnancy in Ireland then you must wait three days to decide if you want to go ahead with the abortion. Not only does this cause even more distress for patients, but it also means many will pass the 12-week mark, meaning they can no longer legally have an abortion.

The current services simply aren’t good enough, which is why people continue to fight for better abortion services in Ireland.

Thousands are set to march for better abortion services on Saturday, October 29th.

The march will mark Savita Halappanavar’s 10th anniversary.

ROSA confirmed the march will take place on October 29th at 1 pm at the Garden of Remembrance.

The march is being held to “commemorate Savita” but to also “restate what we vowed following her death – ‘Never Again.'”

“The issues that flowed from Savita’s death are still pressing. Repeal and the subsequent abortion law have been seminal achievements.

“Limits in the law and access are leaving people behind.”

ROSA will also be marching for health, equality, as well as body autonomy.

You can read more about the march for Savita, here.