Rare signed copy of Matilda discovered in Galway bookshop 3 months ago

Rare signed copy of Matilda discovered in Galway bookshop

Adding this to my Christmas list.

A rare copy of Matilda has been discovered in one of Ireland's most beloved bookshops.

The signed first edition was discovered by staff at Kennys Bookshop in Galway.

The team posted a photo of the signed copy of Matilda on Twitter.

"We found a signed Roald Dahl here today - a First Edition copy of Matilda!" they wrote.

However, the book has already been purchased by one lucky customer.

Author Roald Dahl reportedly visited Kennys bookshop back in the 80s.


He reportedly visited the store many times and also signed plenty of books for avid readers.

The bookshop shared, "He was in our bookshop on High Street in 1987, that was probably it! He signed so many books."

If you were hoping to get your hands on the book then we've got bad news. It was swiped up within minutes of the team posting about it.

According to Extra.ie, the book sold for €1,500.

Sarah Kenny from the popular bookshop told the publication that staff member Cormac made the discovery.

"He was going through the books one by one, and he came across it.

After opening the children's book, Cormac realised it was a first-edition copy.

Not only was it a rare copy, but it was also signed by Roald Dahl.

Sarah said they were stunned by the discovery.

"So many people wanted to get their hands on the book, but one very lucky bookish person already owns it."