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28th Apr 2019

May bank holiday plans? Good ‘cos the weather is meant to be pretty savage

Jade Hayden

Too early to start getting excited about this or?

Look lads, it’s been a shitty week for it weather wise.

We’ve had rain, we’ve had wind, we’ve had Storm Hannah that pretty much battered half the country and left a load of people without power or anything to do for the weekend.

It was a grim enough scenario but look, we’re out the other side of it now, the lights are back on, and you can walk to the shop without getting blown out to sea.

It’s all fine, and it’s going to get even finer leading into the May bank holiday so get ready to get pumped because it’s going to be a scorcher.

… Or at least be nice enough out, whichever.

According to Met Eireann, the weather’s set to clear up steadily enough throughout the week leaving the country with a savage forecast leading into the BH.

Tuesday will see showers continuing until the evening time, particularly on the eastern side of the country.

There’ll also be heavy showers across parts of the country on Wednesday afternoon and evening with highs of up to 14 degrees. Thursday will see much of the same with rain in Ulster, Connacht and west-Munster.

But then Friday… Friday is where its supposed to get decent, lads.

Temperatures will start to rise as the rain drifts off leaving us with a glorious 15 to 19 degree heat.

There’s no mention of rain (as of yet), and even though the bank holiday is literally a full week away and the forecast could change at any moment, we’re really hoping that this one doesn’t.