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30th Jan 2017

Melbourne Mum Killed When Her Car Rolls Her Over With Her Two Kids Inside

Amanda Cassidy

It was initially a day like every other for the Australian family.

Mum and kids got into their car in the driveway of their home in Melbourne to go shopping.

The 32-year-old mum hit a water meter as she reversed, and got out of the car to investigate.

As she did so, the car rolled backwards onto her.

Her seven-year-old son who was in the car at the time ran inside to call his father. Another child, a four-year-old, was also in the car at the time.

Sadly, their mum died at the scene.

The Herald Sun reports that neither child was injured – the investigating officer said it was a tragic accident:

“It’s an accident and a bad day for everyone involved. No one would have thought this was the way today was going to end. Sometimes it’s just not fair.”