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23rd Aug 2016

“Mermaid Thighs” Are A Thing – And We Are Loving This Body Positive Trend

Trine Jensen-Burke

Remember the infamous thigh gap trend– and how it just kind of made us all feel like our thighs were too chunky to ever achieve that perfect sliver of space between them?

Well, no more, ladies.

Because now the awesome hashtag #MermaidThighs has taken over social media, and women everywhere are being called upon to celebrate their thighs that touch.

In fact, all over Instagram and Twitter, women are posting photos of their thighs with the trending hashtag to promote body positivity (and share in a common desire to be a mermaid, obvs).

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but we are loving our mermaid thighs right now!

#mermaidthighs #florida #beach

A photo posted by Ashley McMahon (@ashes_jean) on

#Mermaidthighs #Thighs #Mermaid

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Thigh gap (bridge) is overrated anyway #nakedattraction #nothighgap #mermaidthighs #imamermaid #curves #womannotgirl

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