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25th Jun 2018

Met Éireann has issued a high temperature weather warning for all of Ireland

Be ready, folks.

Alan Loughnane

Be ready, folks.

Today looks set to be another scorcher of a day in the current heatwave, and yes it is officially a heatwave according to Met Éireann, as a status yellow high-temperature warning has been issued for the entire country.

The warning was issued at 6am on Monday and is active from 6am on Monday until 9pm on Friday.

Met Éireann has said that temperatures will hit 27 degrees in places on Monday and are expected to exceed it on subsequent days, this week.

Inland temperatures are expected to go much higher than 25 degrees and could possibly exceed 30 degrees from Wednesday to Friday.

During the night, temperatures won’t drop a whole lot and Met Éireann has said that it will get rather uncomfortable when sleeping because as the nights are so short, it won’t be long before it starts getting warm again.

There will be little change in most places for next weekend. But temperatures may fall back to the high teens or low twenties by day, in some northern areas, where northerly breezes may freshen.

People have been urged to remain hydrated throughout the day and to wear sun cream when going outside.