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28th Feb 2019

Forget the sunshine! Temperatures will plummet considerably on Sunday night

Cathy Donohue

Met Éireann predicts ‘widespread frost’ on Sunday night with temperatures falling to -1C.

Earlier this week, there was some significant sunshine, iced coffees were consumed, beer gardens were chatted about and now, all of a sudden, it’s cold again.

Over the weekend, temperatures could fall as low as -1 and instead of matching temperatures in the French Riviera, we’ll be wrapping up.

That’s Ireland for you…

The national forecaster has released an update ahead of the weekend and it seems that Sunday is going to see a major drop in temperatures.

Met Éireann

Here’s the current forecast for Sunday night but it’s important to note that this is subject to change.

“Some uncertainty regarding details, but at this stage it looks like it will be bright, with sunny spells and well scattered showers. But there is a threat of cloudy wet weather affecting Munster and south Leinster for a time. Fresh, with highs of 8 to 10 C., in moderate southwest to west winds. Cold and breezy overnight with clear spells and just a few showers. Lows of -1 to plus 2 C., with a widespread frost”.

So if you retired your winter coat to the back of your wardrobe (same here), you might want to take it back out again and the hot water bottle will be sticking around for a while yet.

It’s too early to tell what kind of weather we’ll be experiencing next week but early indications suggest that “cool and showery weather” is expected and there’s also the chance of “cold nights and frosts”.

So you might have to wait a little while longer before summer officially begins and in case you weren’t aware, today marks a year to the day that Beast from the East arrived…