Met Éireann say the weather is looking up, but don't get too excited 5 months ago

Met Éireann say the weather is looking up, but don't get too excited


While it's not the absolute best, it's definitely getting better.

The past few days have been awful. All we've seen has been rain the minute we step out the door in the morning to when we go home at night.

However, Met Éireann say that today is going to be a little bit better with more dry spells and warm temperatures.

The weather forecaster said: "Most areas dry this morning with sunny spells. Becoming cloudier generally with scattered showers developing in western counties. Thicker cloud will bring rain onto eastern coastal areas for the afternoon and evening. Many other areas remaining dry. Moderate north or northwest breezes. Highest temperatures 15 to 18 degrees."

Meanwhile, for tonight: "Other than isolated showers near west coasts and also near northeast coasts, tonight will be dry with good clear spells. A few mist patches will develop inland. Lowest temperatures 5 to 8 degrees. Northwest winds will be light."

Tomorrow will be mostly the same, with a few sunny spells, but of course there will be rain in between.

"Saturday will have a mix of cloudy and sunny spells. Most areas will have a dry start, but showers will develop widely. A few heavy showers during the afternoon and evening - especially inland and in the north. Highest temperatures 15 to 17 degrees. Moderate west breezes."