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10th Apr 2019

The weather today will be ‘mostly dry with good sunny spells’

Olivia Hayes

Sunny spells.

And “good sunny spells” at that.

It feels like we’ve been waiting a long time to hear those words since the past few weeks have been absolute mayhem. The weather has been so up and down, we haven’t a clue where it’s at – and for that matter, what to wear.

We go into work with a light jacket because it’s mild out and then get lashed on coming home. Not ideal.

However, Met Éireann has said that today will look good – dry and most importantly, sunny.

The weather forecaster said: “This morning any mist, fog and frost will clear quickly. It will be will be mostly dry with good sunny spells, especially in the east and north but somewhat cloudier in the southwest and west with just the odd shower there in the afternoon or evening. Top temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees, coolest in the east and north in light east to southeasterly breezes.”

We can deal with the odd shower, can’t we? Especially if it’s to reach to 15 degrees.

Meanwhile, for tonight: “Tonight will be mostly dry with good clear spells but it will be cloudier in the west with a few spots of drizzle possible. Lowest temperatures in the eastern half of the country will be -1 to +1 degrees and some frost but not as cold further west with lowest temperatures of +2 to +5 degrees. Winds will be light southerly or variable with patches of mist or fog forming.”