Met Eireann says temperatures are expected to drop to -3 this week 8 months ago

Met Eireann says temperatures are expected to drop to -3 this week

It is going to be extremely cold.

Who else is enjoying the chill in the mornings these days? It's almost refreshing, feeling the cold hit you the second you step out the door.

We'd imagine not everyone, but if you are enjoying the effects of the onset of winter, we've got some good news for you.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -3 in Ireland later this week.

Met Éireann has said that the country is expected to be faced with below normal temperatures and with a risk of frost at night throughout the rest of the week.

More specifically, it said that Thursday night will see temperatures drop to a minimum of -3, with frost and a risk of icy patches in places.

Showers are expected to scatter throughout the country during the rest of the week, while Saturday night is also expected to be freezing, as temperatures could reach a low of -2.

And it's not getting any warmer on Sunday, as Met Éireann's forecast is "cold and frosty overnight," with lows of zero or -1.

What we're basically saying is that if you've any plans that involve the great outdoors this weekend, then be sure to wrap up warm.

Sure ya wouldn't be long getting frostbit. Get the hot water bottles and blankets out quickly.