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18th Oct 2022

Michael Bublé announces Irish tour dates for 2023

This is a public service announcement.

Michael Bublé has just announced the best news, and it’s honestly saved 2022 – he’s coming back on tour and heading for Ireland.

The singer announced that he is coming on tour, with dates announced for his Higher 2023 performances, and Dublin has made the bill.

Are we all that surprised though? The man is obsessed with our little country.

The Haven’t Met You Yet singer is set to join the stage at the 3Arena in Dublin for two nights next year, on Saturday 13th, and Sunday 14th of May. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Tickets for the gig are set to go on sale this Friday, October 21 and starting at €89.50, and of course, you’ll want to be quick as we can assume it’ll be a popular gig.

Michael recently welcomed his fourth child with his wife Luisana, and speaking to earlier this year, his tone changed when he spoke about his family life and fatherhood. He turned a lot softer, speaking with only love and warmth in his voice.

He said: “It’s hard. It’s hard to be a parent to one. There’s a lot of things. They’re little beautiful, little sweet little potatoes. They need everything from you too. [Having] two, that was shocking for me and my wife, it was much more difficult.

“I found from two to three wasn’t that different than having two, and then three to four won’t be that different either. I’m going to have the greatest hockey team you have ever seen.

“I love it. One day I hope that if you’re up to it and you feel it in your heart, I hope that you get to experience the joy that I do, seeing my world through the eyes of my favourite human beings on the planet. Every day, I just say ‘thank you’ because I got chosen to be their Papi.”