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03rd Dec 2019

Missed your chance to fill a Christmas charity shoebox? Team Hope will send one to a child in Kenya for you


Life is hectic, particularly at this time of year.

Our own to-do lists are lengthy, and a lot more seems to get added than get crossed off. So, we totally understand if you saw HerFamily‘s appeals to fill shoeboxes with Christmas presents for children in the developing world, and meant to get around to it… but never quite did.

We get it. It happens.

The deadline for packing boxes yourself has now passed – with tens of thousands of them that were collected from all across the country now winging their way to children in Africa and Eastern Europe. However, if you’d still like to cross this amazing act of charity off your list, there’s a way to do it – and it’s incredibly easy.

Team Hope Ireland can send ready-made shoeboxes for you!

In fact, due to customs restrictions in Kenya, gifts can’t be sent from Ireland to the children there. Instead, Team Hope collects donations of money, which it uses to buy gift items on the ground in Kenya. These are distributed to little ones like nine-year-old Mary (pictured main) and 11-year-old Margaret (below) who wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

It’s the same items that go into the boxes that were made up here in Ireland: something to wash with, something to write with, something to wear and some things to ‘wow’ the child who gets the parcel. And since they are all bought through Team Hope’s local partners in Kenya, you’re supporting the local economy too.

Team Hope’s partner works in Machakos County, which is about two hours’ from the capital Nairobi. They work in rural agricultural areas which have been affected by drought. As well as delivering Christmas presents to the area, the charity also works to improve access to clean water and boost agriculture, as well as providing access to education.

It costs €15 to send a ready-made shoebox to Kenya with Team Hope. You can find out more information about what goes into the boxes and where they go to here. And you can make a donation here.

Cross it off your list and do some good. After all, every box counts.