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31st Jan 2023

Fans believe Molly Mae has called her daughter after a Disney character

Kat O'Connor

This is the cutest name ever.

Fans have been trying to figure out what Molly Mae’s daughter’s name is since before she was born. Every name under the sun has been guessed, but one fan believed they’ve finally figured it out.

Before welcoming her daughter, Molly Mae said she always knew what she wanted to call her.

It’s a name she has adored for years, which led many fans to believe it was inspired by something from her childhood.

And now the new mum has finally confirmed her daughter is named Bambi.

She posted a photo of her daughter who is named after the classic Disney character.

Fans figured out the name earlier today.

“I know the name. Somebody I know who is close to Molly’s manager’s family or something knows the name. It’s Bambi.”

Another shared, “It’s Bambi apparently.”

Molly Mae has yet to confirm the name of her baby girl, but Bambi is pretty adorable. A little bit eccentric, but when has a celebrity ever chosen a tame name for their baby?

Molly Mae confirmed her daughter was born on January 23rd.

She posted the first photo of her adorable daughter on Instagram yesterday evening.

“I can’t believe we get to keep you forever. Becoming your mum has been the best thing to ever happen to me…”

“It doesn’t seem possible but my love for you grows with each passing moment. There is no feeling like holding you in my arms little one, my heart literally explodes.

“Thank you for entering this world safely for us and blessing us with the gift of being your parents.

“We promise to love and care for you unconditionally forever.”

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