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22nd May 2023

Molly-Mae praised for gifting Bambi’s clothes to ‘mum in need’

Clodagh McKeon

Fans are praising Molly-Mae after she gifted a bundle of Bambi’s clothes to a “mum in need” over the weekend.

The new mum posted a photo of a selection of neutral-coloured baby grows that Bambi has outgrown.

Molly-Mae told fans that she no longer needs the baby clothes as Bambi is growing so much and has already outgrown most of her baby grows and sleep suits.

She captioned the Instagram story: “Giving away to a mum in need. Unisex clothing bundle for a newborn. Dm me!”

Fans celebrated Molly’s selfless side with many commenting on her recent posts telling her she’s a “brilliant and generous mum.”

The star has mentioned in her YouTube videos that her baby girl is growing so quickly and needs to cut back on her wardrobe.

A few hours later, Molly took to her Instagram stories again to update fans on the giveaway.

She wrote: “Someone has been picked for the baby bundle! I will do another one when she grows out of her next bits!”

Bambi won’t take bottles from Tommy.

Since giving birth to her first child in January, Molly has been sharing sweet snaps of her daughter and her motherhood journey.

She’s been honest about her struggles dealing with her post-baby body and about her sleepless nights.

Molly also opened up about her mood swings and said that she found the first three months of her baby’s life very difficult.

In a previous YouTube upload, the former Love Island contestant said she didn’t “feel herself” up until recently despite not having “baby blues.”

In her latest YouTube video, which she uploaded over the weekend, Molly said that she’s been struggling with her mood swings.

Molly also revealed that Bambi is now in the habit of only taking bottles from her.

While at the dentist, Molly’s beau Tommy arrived with their baby girl because she wouldn’t feed for him.

Molly said: “Yeah things didn’t really go to plan, we had a whole family meeting at the dentist today.

“Tommy and Bambi gate-crashed my appointment today. This is just the reality of having a baby.

“Bambi has gotten into a bit of a habit of not liking to take bottles of Tommy. She just gets really fussy with him.

“We’ve been trying to figure it out but maybe it’s something to do with the fact that I breastfed her and she associates me with feeding time.”

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