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03rd Dec 2022

Molly Mae Hague disappointed after “huge fail” during baby scan

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“Wish I hadn’t been so optimistic.”

Molly Mae Hague has revealed that her latest baby scan was a “huge fail” and she was left completely disheartened by it.

Now seven months pregnant, the influencer took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a snap of herself and boyfriend Tommy Fury on their way to a scan.

She wrote: “Yesterday on our way to baby girls 4D scan which was a huge fail. I was sooo excited to see her little face but we couldn’t see it! (Just to clarify she’s completely fine)!

“We left it as long as possible aswell to have this scan as they say the older the baby the better, so I had been counting down the days… wish I hadn’t been so optimistic, I didn’t realise there was a chance we would see nothing.

“She’s perfect though, fit and healthy and measuring completely average for weight/size at this stage which is all that matters.

“Not long till we can see that little face in person… I just know she’s gonna look so much like her dad!”

Molly Mae again took to her stories later to answer questions about her pregnancy, answering a fan who asked: “How has your front placenta been for movements? I barely felt my boy move with it.”

Molly Mae responded: “I feel your pain. It’s been so disheartening for me, Tommy has probably felt her move maybe twice (which at this stage is crazy).

“I see my friends post videos seeing/feeling their baby move and I get sooo jealous, I deffo thought it was a given that you’ll feel your baby move, but that’s 100% not been the case for me. I feel her now at this stage but no one else can!

“I think aswell that’s why I got so emotional after our 4D scan fail because I do think the placenta also didn’t help with seeing her face… after it’s stopped us from feeling her too I just felt so frustrated!”

“It is what it is though. I’m so lucky to have a healthy placenta that provides everything for.”