This mom came up with a great idea to help you if your child gets lost 5 years ago

This mom came up with a great idea to help you if your child gets lost

Loosing sight of your child is every parents nightmare.

Be it in a crowed supermarket, a busy beach or simply when they wander off without thinking. Regardless of the situation, it can be a very stressful time.

And although we pray it doesn't happen, one mother with three children under the age of five came up with a clever idea to help worrying mums who fear it just might. Michelle Welsh from Baltimore, Maryland created SafteyTat.

SafetyTat, is a waterproof, temporary tattoo customized with your mobile phone number, to ease anxiety for parents and kids alike.

Telling Romper about the creation of the product, Welsh said:


"We call our tattoos the voice of the parent when the parents not around. It helps the child communicate. Even those kids who have memorized their parent's mobile number, when they're upset, so few of them can actually recall it."

According to Welsh, the SafetyTat will last through showers, the pool and the sea for up to three days, making it a safe and durable accessory.

A simple idea, born of necessity by one parent who feared loosing her kids in a crowed place. SafetyTats can also be customized for children with severe allergies, Coeliac disease, diabetes, or other medical conditions. You can purchase them online here.