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15th Sep 2017

Mom helps hurricane victims with her ‘extreme couponing’ skills

She wants to do whatever she can to help.

Jade Hayden

kimberley gager

Kimberley Gager is a mom from Texas.

She is also a dab hand at couponing.

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which left thousands of families without food and shelter, Kimberley decided to put her couponing passion to good use.

The mom-of-three took to Facebook to share a status about how she was going to pick up some supplies for the hurricane victims using her coupons.

She also encouraged people to donate what they could to the cause.

To Kimberley’s surprise, she started to receive hundreds of donations.

She told CBS News that her idea “kind of blew up.”

“Sometimes I’m delivering until 1 or 2 a.m. It’s really becoming a second job. I’ve gotten very little sleep.”

Over the past while, the mom has been delivering toilet paper, nappies, soap, detergent, and baby formula to parents and families who lost everything in the hurricane.

And thanks to her extreme couponing skills, she’s spent about $2,700 on $5,000 worth of products.

“A pack of diapers and wipes may not seem like much, but it can mean a lot to those who have lost everything. I just want to ease the burden.”

Kimberley said she wanted to help because she herself experienced the devastating effects of a hurricane back in 1999.

Hurricane Floyd destroyed her Virginia home at the time, and she said that her family would have been grateful for any donation, no matter how small.

“Just a hug or a stick of deodorant or toothpaste… that would have been so appreciated at the time.”

Kimberley is still accepting donations to her PayPal account. 

She has also promised to do a live couponing video once “things slow down.”