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19th May 2018

Mother allegedly told solider husband their baby had died while he was deployed

Jade Hayden

A woman allegedly told her partner that their baby had died while he was deployed as a soldier in South Korea.

Arizona woman Marina Garcia is said to have told her husband, Steven, that their baby girl they were expecting had tragically died during childbirth.

However, Marina went on to give birth to a baby boy, which she then allegedly gave to a couple in Texas because the baby wasn’t Steven’s.

He was deployed abroad at the time.

Steven told News 4 Tuscon that his sister told him what had happened and he was “devastated.”

He is now fighting for custody of the child.

Steven’s Cochise County attorney Brian McIntyre said:

“The only thing on her mind was getting rid of this child. This ‘problem’ in her life.

“What scares me is that if it hadn’t been the Hernandezes, if the couple hadn’t been willing to step forward, then what person off the Internet might have been next?”

Steven said that he doesn’t care if the child is his biological son or not because he was adopted himself.

He said:

“My adopted father completely changed my life. Without him I would not be where I am today.

“And for the opportunity to do that for someone else, I believe it’s important. It could change the child’s life and give him a better future and I believe that’s the right thing to do.”

Marina was arrested and is to be sentenced next month.