Mother chases and fights off leopard to save her six-year-old son 1 month ago

Mother chases and fights off leopard to save her six-year-old son

A mother's bravery knows no bounds.

A mother in India showed true heroism when she chased down and fought off a leopard that had stolen her six-year-old son.

Kiran Baiga from the Indian state Madhya Pradesh, chased the wild animal for almost a mile and rescued her young son from its jaws, sustaining injuries in the process.

According to reports Baiga beat the leopard with a stick so that it would release her son, Rahul, from its grip.

The leopard then began to attack Baiga but she managed to fight it off and escape with her child.

"In Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, a mother fought to save her son. The son of this mother was taken away by the leopard.

The mother chased the leopard a kilometer away and snatched the child from it. Both mother and son were injured in this incident."

Other villagers ran to her aide and the leopard ran away into the forest.


Baiga collapsed soon afterwards and came to later in hospital, along with her son who was taken in to deal with his injuries.


According to those who live in the region, incidents like this happen often and many times they end in tragedy.

Only last week a ten-year-old boy was killed by a leopard.

Six-year-old Rahul has suffered several facial injuries to his eye, cheek and chin, but thanks to the brave actions of his mother he is alive and well.

We wish them both the best in their recovery.