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31st Jan 2023

Police special operations unit seize mother’s e-scooter after she took child to school on it

Charlie Herbert

She was travelling at just 6mph

Police in Gloucester have been mocked after they seized a mother’s electric scooter as she took her child to school.

The woman was stopped by specialist roads policing officers from the Gloucestershire Constabulary in Stroud, Gloucestershire, on Friday.

Footage showed her riding the e-scooter at a speed of just 6mph with her four-year-old child in front of her and holding on to the handlebars.

But police took the e-scooter off her, forcing her and her child to walk to school instead.

E-scooters are illegal to use in most areas of Gloucestershire, but under a government trial, they can be hired out in Gloucester and Cheltenham.

In a post on Twitter, Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Specialist Operations Unit thanked the public for “making us aware” of the mother’s use of the e-scooter.

They wrote: “Concerns were raised regarding a female using an e scooter to transport a young child on a daily basis.

“OT61 attended and observed 4 yr old being transported in this way and Vehicle seized.

“Thanks to the public for making us aware. #safercommunity”

But the post caused widespread outrage from members of the public who mocked the force for their “pathetic” actions.

One person commented: “Would go faster and less safe on a regular scooter. This is flipping daft.”

Another said that, although they dislike e-scooters, it was a “stupid post” from the police.

They continued: “The speed the mother is going would merely graze them and that’s even if they would ever injure at 5-7mph. I suggest, you post about the dangerous use of these scooters and not publicly shame a mother and daughter for all to see.”

One user sarcastically wrote: “This could’ve easily escalated into a major incident with multiple fatalities, had it not been swiftly dealt with by the full force of your SpecOps team!

“Have you considered armed response for speeding mobility scooters next?”

Another said: “You’re an absolute embarrassment to policing and to yourselves”.

“Next week, confiscating sweets at the school gate”, one man joked.