Mum fined after her little boy wet himself in ball pit 2 months ago

Mum fined after her little boy wet himself in ball pit

"There was pee everywhere," according to staff.

A play centre has charged a mum after her son accidentally wet himself in the ball pit.

The mum was charged $50 when the staff had to clean up after her two-year-old son Jaden's accident.

The incident took place in Cream House Premium Cafe in Brisbane, Australia.

According to Kidspot, the mum and her son are regular visits to the play centre, but this is the first time an incident like this has happened.

She explained that her son started to cry so she changed his clothes. Her son pointed out where he wet himself and the mum wiped everything down.

She said she apologised to the people at the centre.


"It was in the corner and on a plastic mat without any balls around so I thought I cleaned it pretty well. It was unexpected as little Jayden had only had a couple of accidents outside home since being toilet-trained," she explained.

Another parent told the staff about the accident and the mum was approached by a staff member.

“They asked me what happened, so I apologised and I showed them where it happened, and the guy sprayed the area with sanitiser… I never tried to hide it or run away.”

“She came up and said to me, ‘In this situation, you have to pay a fine’... I was very upset to hear that.”

The mum said she had to pay a $50 fine before leaving.

Staff say they don't usually mind incidents like these because they're normal and happen in smaller children, but this time they said "there was pee everywhere".

“This is a public area and I have to take responsibility for the other families who come here,” the owner added.

“I didn’t pee in the ball pit but I have to pay for the cleaning. She is welcome to come back to Cream House and negotiate it," she added.

What do you think? Is the owner wrong to charge the mum or does she have a point?