My controlling mother-in-law wants us to run our baby names by her 1 month ago

My controlling mother-in-law wants us to run our baby names by her

"I'm ashamed that you're carrying my grandchild"

Not everyone is going to love your baby's name. It's an unfortunate fact of life, but once you're happy with the decision, isn't that all that matters?

Unfortunately for one mum-to-be, her mother-in-law wants to approve any potential baby names.

Yes, you read that right.

The expectant-mum said she is beyond fed up with her controlling mother-in-law and her rude remarks.

She explained to Reddit that she wanted to use Genesis as their baby's middle name, after a friend she sadly lost.

However, when her mother-in-law heard the idea she was less than impressed.

The woman explained that when her mother-in-law visited over the weekend, she slammed the couple's choice of middle name.

"On Sunday night during dinner, however,  she turned to my husband and said, "so dear what name are you going to give the baby?"


"I piped up since I'm fed up with her acting like my husband is the one who's carrying her grandkid. "Well Mrs. X, we haven't decided on a first name yet, but her middle name will be Genesis.

The mum-to-be explained the sentimental moniker. "In honor of one of my best friends who died a few years back, if you have any suggestions for her first name, we'd be more than happy to hear them."

"This woman turns and gives me the dirtiest look I've ever received in my life," she shared.

"She proceeds with a long stupid rant. 'First of all, why was I not informed that you had already made a choice regarding my granddaughter's name. Did you even consult (my husband) when you decided to give the baby that name?"

"You're the opposite of what a mom should be"

The mother-in-law then told the couple she doesn't "approve of the name".

Speaking of her deceased friend, the mother-in-law quipped, "The person may have been nice but the name isn't nice at all!"

She then suggested that instead of honouring her friend, she should focus on "raising the child to be a good, religious, pious lady."

The woman then went on to call the expectant-mum cruel names. She even said, "You're the opposite of what a mom should be. I'm ashamed that you're carrying my grandchild."

Unsurprisingly, the husband kicked his mother out of their home. The mum-to-be said the entire experience was heartbreaking, but she still wants to honour her friend, no matter what others think.

Power to her. We'd do the exact same.