Mother receives letter from her daughter, five years after she went missing 4 years ago

Mother receives letter from her daughter, five years after she went missing

This is shocking!

A mother has received a letter from her teenage daughter that went missing five years ago.

Emily Wynell Paul was only 14 years old when she went missing in April 2013.

The teen is believed to have run away from home but up until the letter arrived nobody had heard anything from her.

Emily's mum Pam recently posted on Facebook to say;

"Emily Wynell, I love you! To all our friends and extended family, we want to let you know that we have heard from Emily.

We do not have any further information to share at the moment. Thank you all for your support and love you have shown to our family."

Pam hopes that the letter that was sent to her can help investigators locate her daughter or at least confirm that she is in fact safe.

Emily would now be 19 years old.


Pam voiced her hopes to the News Herald and said;

"I’m pretty sure it’s from her. The ball is in her court still. There’s a lot of mixed emotions and a lot of feelings."

On Thursday, those in charge of Emily's missing person case released a video calling for her to get in touch with law enforcement, even just to let her family know that she is ok.

Members of the Florida community that Emily's family live in commented on the video saying that they were glad that the case hadn't been closed and that the police were still actively searching for her.

As a parent, I can't imagine the trauma that her mother and other family members have gone through and I hope they get the answers that they are searching for soon.

Given that Emily was so young when she first disappeared and that there has been no sign of her since is particularly worrying but if the letter received is from her then this family may finally get a happy ending to this heartbreaking story.