Mother says emergency services refused to help when her baby was trapped in car 4 years ago

Mother says emergency services refused to help when her baby was trapped in car

This is shocking!

A mother in America has said that emergency services refused to send help when her baby accidentally became locked in her car.

The two-month-old became trapped in the vehicle when the doors locked with her mother's keys still inside it.

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Panicked and not knowing what to do Lacey Guyton called 911 to ask for help but was apparently told that no response team would be sent out to her.

She eventually resorted to smashing the back window to rescue the baby and shared her traumatic experience on Facebook along with photographs of her broken window.

In a Fox 5 transcript of the 911 call you can hear the following being said between Lacey's grandmother and the dispatcher;

"My granddaughter just put her baby in the car and the car door locked and we can’t get in it."

"We don’t unlock vehicles,  unfortunately."



According to Fox 5, Waterford Chief of Police has since apologized and issued a statement;

"It’s a common sense issue. You call 911, you expect for somebody to come and give you some help, and we certainly should have gone and done that. We made a mistake and we need to fix that."

I can't imagine the thoughts that went racing through that poor mother's mind while she waited helplessly for support that would never arrive.

The dispatcher who took the call is being looked into and disciplinary action is expected but it's all a bit too little too late.

Luckily no harm came to the infant involved but the fact that her life was needless put in danger is absolutely shocking.