Mother and teen son arrested after son shoots toddler sibling 1 week ago

Mother and teen son arrested after son shoots toddler sibling

The 20-month-old was injured as a result of being struck.

A US mother and son have been arrested after the son allegedly shot his toddler sister.

37-year-old Veronica Pyatt, from San Bernardino, California, was driving home with her children as her 14-year-old son manipulated a loaded gun in the back seat.

The gun fired and Pyatt's 20-month-old daughter was struck in the right upper leg, San Bernardino police said.

According to reports, her son told her the gun went off but Pyatt continued to drive home and later told police she hadn't realised her daughter had been struck.

Once home, it is understood that Pyatt's son dumped the gun and other evidence in a bin while Pyatt unloaded groceries.


The teen then told his mother that his sister had been shot and Pyatt then took her daughter to the hospital.

Hospital staff notified the police and the toddler was transferred to a nearby medical centre with non-life-threatening injuries.

The mother and son were arrested on suspicion of multiple felony charges.

Police said the Department of Child and Family Services is also investigating the incident.