Mothercare temporarily close stores but range can still be bought on website and app 2 years ago

Mothercare temporarily close stores but range can still be bought on website and app

Good news for parents.

Expecting a new baby can be a stressful enough time without a global pandemic coming along.

The nationwide shut down will be particularly difficult for parents expecting their first child who may not have bought everything they needed for their newborn before the stores closed.

Mothercare has long been the go-to shop of choice for many parents so the news of its closure was a hard hit for expectant parents.

Luckily you can still purchase everything you could possibly need for your new arrival through their website and app. Yay!

Mothercare's website and app mean that parents will still be able to get all the essentials that they need whether it be prams, carseats and highchairs or smaller essentials like bottles and baby clothes.

Soon-to-be mums will also be ale to buy anything they might require for their hospital bag as Mothercare also has a varied maternity section that includes clothing, nursing bras and maternity towels.

Their maternity towels are actually currently on sale so it's a great time to stock up on them if your due date is coming up.


Mothercare has a lot of special offers on at the moment so there's no better time to have a browse if you're still in need of those newborn essentials.

They have also just launched the new UPPAbaby Vista V2 collection of pushchairs available in a selection of stylish colours.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Pushchair, RRP €1,149.99


The Mothercare website is open 24 hours a day online and through the app, ensuring you can get all the essentials needed for your family, as well as the all-important planning for new arrivals.

Right now is a pretty stressful time but being able to access products that we need makes it a little less so.