Mum's hilarious rant about what she really wants for Mother's Day goes viral 1 year ago

Mum's hilarious rant about what she really wants for Mother's Day goes viral

"We want to piss in peace"

Mother's Day is just around the corner and the shops are full of teddy bears, floral mugs, and heart-shaped chocolates that say 'World's Best Mum'.

However, one mum is less than impressed with the gifts available for the special day. After a visit to the supermarket, she went on a rant about Mother's Day gifts and it is pretty hilarious.

The post has gone viral and many mums agree with her words. The mum admitted that the generic Mother's Day gifts can be cute, but most mums really don't want them.

She quipped, "If you really want to show appreciation on the day that should really be called "Sorry your fanny got wrecked" then listen up."

The mum went on to list what mothers really want which includes being able to pee in peace, for their kids to actually eat dinner without complaining.

And of course, for our kids to stop losing their socks.

She wrote, "We want to piss in peace.

"We want two minutes alone in the bathroom without a little human staring at our bits."


"Nothing magical is going to happen so for the love of God, leave us alone."

"We want you to get dressed. We want to hand you your clothes and not have to find you twenty minutes later wearing nothing but your underwear and one fucking shoe.


She continued, "Stop losing your fucking socks. Tesco thinks I gave birth to centipedes."

"Most importantly........ When you get put to bed, Go to sleep!"

The mum said she's pretty certain none of these wishes will ever come true.

"I'll smile politely and with gratitude at whatever you get me because you're my world and who wants full bladder control anyway?"