Mrs Hinch reveals she was forced to move out of home because of "cruel people" 1 year ago

Mrs Hinch reveals she was forced to move out of home because of "cruel people"

Mrs. Hinch and her family have moved to a new home.

The cleaning guru said it was time for a new chapter.

She posted a photo of her family holding the keys to 'Hinch Farm' on Instagram.

Alongside the sweet snap, she wrote, "It’s time to write a new chapter in our story. We will never be able to thank you all enough because without our crazy little Insta world this wouldn’t be happening.

"I can’t wait to take you all along with us!! Welcome to our new home everyone … Hinch Farm."

As exciting as the move is, the mum revealed she is leaving her home because of "cruel people".

She explained that her husband Jamie has wanted to move for quite some time.

"Jamie has wanted to move for a while due to the privacy issue which came about after we had extended the house," she shared.

However, moving wasn't something Sophie wanted.


"But I was in such a mess because I didn’t want to move."

She said she did her best to fix the problem, but in the end, moving was the best option for her family.

Sophie admitted she was heartbroken because she didn't want to lose her home.

"I’m so so grateful for my life and wouldn’t change a thing but a lot goes on behind closed doors and if only some people knew how much their selfish actions affect others," she said.

Sophie said the "cruel people" will not win.

"I won’t go into too much detail because I wouldn’t want to give any satisfaction to the cruel person people involved."

"I will always love this house but I will make Hinch farm our forever home where the boys will be so safe and we will feel comfortable again."

She believes her sons Ronnie and Lennie will be really happy at Hinch Farm.

"They know it’s home."

"I’m just so excited to watch them grow up here, to get muddy, go on the ride-on mower, care for animals, and just run free until they crash out together," she shared.