M&S announce there will be no Christmas ‘food to order’ service for Irish customers 1 year ago

M&S announce there will be no Christmas ‘food to order’ service for Irish customers


After a pretty grim Christmas in 2020, I think most of us are really looking forward to more normal times this year, once more being able to gather friends and family around our dinner table and enjoying the festivities together.

However, if you were banking on getting your order in early to M&S to make sure you got the turkey, stuffing, Brussels sprouts and spuds all ready to go, and not have to worry about rushing around the shops on December 23, you might need to rethink that.

Yesterday, M&S announced that they will “regrettably” be unable to offer customers in Ireland the Christmas food to order this festive season.

In an email to customers, the British high street retailer wrote:

“We’re writing to let you know that, regrettably, we’re unable to offer customers in the Republic of Ireland our Christmas Food to Order service this year.

“At M&S, we want to make this Christmas a magical one for all our customers. Given the current challenges in the food industry, there was too much risk that we could potentially let customers down with key items in their orders ahead of the all-important big day – we’d never want to do that

“The good news is that we’ll still have everything you need for a truly delicious Christmas at your M&S Store.

“We look forward to welcoming you to your M&S Store this Christmas.”


The announcement comes shortly after they announced the closure of 11 shops in France and the pulling of 800 lines in Irish M&S stores.

Explainig the decision, M&S stated: “the lengthy and complex export processes following the UK’s exit from the European Union are significantly constraining.”

A spokesperson for the retail chain said:

"Brexit has already led to complexity and delay shipping products Ireland and there is too much risk that customers will be let down if we attempt to fulfill CFTO orders and they are delayed or not fulfilled. Customers will still be able to buy everything they need for Christmas in our M&S Food Halls.”

It added that supply chain “complexities” following Brexit had made it “near impossible for us to serve fresh and chilled products to customers to the high standards they expect.”

There are according to the company no plans in place to close any Irish stores, but pulling 800 products from shelves will no doubt affect many regular shoppers regardless.

Items being pulled include free-range chicken, orchids and goods containing Parmesan Reggiano.