"I feel like I've failed them": Muireann O'Connell tests positive for Covid 1 year ago

"I feel like I've failed them": Muireann O'Connell tests positive for Covid

Muireann O'Connell has tested positive for Covid.

The TV presenter is heartbroken because she will no longer be returning home for Christmas.

Muireann shared the devastating news on her Instagram this afternoon.

She explained that she didn't have any of the main Covid symptoms, but it felt like her "body was made of glass".

The Ireland AM presenter said she now feels achy and has a slight cough.

She booked a PCR after her antigen test came back positive.

"Hello lovely people. Didn’t get to all my jobs before Christmas like, get the split ends chopped, the nails done or sort the emergency chocolates in case someone calls with a present for you and you don’t have one for them.

"What I did manage to do was get covid so, not completely useless.

Muireann has been in isolation for the past couple of days.


She said she feels overwhelmed with guilt.

"It’s bad enough thinking about having given this to someone, but at Christmas…. It’s horrendous."

"Not only that but this is our first Christmas without Dad and I feel like the worst daughter."

"It was always gonna be shit but just being there would at least have been something," she explained.

"I was most looking forward to sitting in his chair with a mug of tea, watching his fav, The Quiet Man, whilst Marie played bridge on her iPad."


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"I feel like I’ve failed them and it’s gonna be hard to make up for this," Muireann admitted.

It's an agonising and overwhelming time for so many people.

But as Muireann perfectly said, we need to keep our heads up.

"We persevere. We mask up.

She continued, "We say thank you to the frontline. We don’t forget them when pay talks come around after this pandemic. Because there will, someday, be an after.

"We be sound. Smile when we can and try not to be arseholes to each other," she stressed.

She concluded, "Much love. Happy Christmas, wherever you’re gonna end up. I hope it’s somewhere nice."

We're wishing Muireann a speedy recovery!