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16th Jul 2017

Angelina Jolie arrives in Africa with her daughter to open a sanctuary

It's now officially open!

No doubt it was a trip of a lifetime for Shiloh.

Even though the Hollywood actress and humanitarian has oodles of help at home, we’re still amazed how she finds the time to open a sanctuary while having to look out for six kids.

Nonetheless, last week Angelina and her 11-year-old daughter Shiloh headed off to Namibia to open The Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary, named after Shiloh as she was born there in 2006, is to provide care and assistance to elephants and rhinos who have been injured or orphaned by poachers.

During the five-day visit Shiloh and mum Angelina were all smiles, clearly ecstatic over their newest conservation effort.

The 42-year-old humanitarian also met with the Namibian President and First Lady to discuss efforts being made to protect wildlife and also about the plans in place for the new sanctuary.

While mum was off supporting efforts to improve animal welfare and the environment, there was no shortage of fun and excitement for Shiloh who was having a ball of a time, playing rugby with friends around the sanctuary.

What a lucky duck!

Image source: The Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary