Mum astonished as daughter's teacher calls her a 'numpty' 4 years ago

Mum astonished as daughter's teacher calls her a 'numpty'

This is a rather odd situation.

You wouldn't really expect your child's teacher to call them a name, but that's the predicament that this mother is in.

Taking to Mumsnet, the user said that she doesn't know what way to go about the situation.

She wrote:

"We have a lovely little daughter, in year 3. She is a very enthusiastic learner, who always loved school and loves academic challenges.

"This year, she had a new teacher, who is not the nicest, but nevertheless, we thought, just give her the benefit of a doubt. Our girl been constantly saying that the teacher shouts, and today she said she called her a numpty, as she accidentally started to do her writing on someone else's book.

"I find this very frustrating and just would like to hear others opinions."

Many mums thought that there wasn't a problem with the teacher calling her daughter that name.


One said:

"I think it’s a semi-affectionate way of saying she’s done something silly. I remember teachers saying it when I was at school, it’s a perfectly fine thing to say isn’t it? Unless you think the teacher is specifically singling out your DD."

While another wrote:

"If she is calling lots of them numpty, it isn't personal to your DD. It's just that teacher's way of addressing a child doing something a bit daft."

What would you think if your child's teacher called them a 'numpty'?